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Fort Smith

Fort Smith Regional (FSM), a commercial service airport in west central Arkansas, and is governed by the Fort Smith Airport Commission. Located 3 miles southeast of the city center, the joint civil-military airport occupies 1,359 acres. There are two runways located at the airport. Runway 7-25 is the primary runway, measuring 8,000 feet in length; and Runway 1-19 is the crosswind runway, measuring 5,002 feet in length. Both runways are connected to the apron areas by parallel taxiways. An ILS precision approach is published for both Runways 7 and 25, with multiple non-precision approaches serving Runways 7, 25, and 1.

There is a fixed base operator at the airport providing full aircraft services, including 100LL and Jet A fuel. A variety of hangars and apron tie-downs are available for aircraft storage and parking. Scheduled commercial service is available, with daily non-stop flights to Dallas- Ft. Worth and Memphis. The airport is also home to the Arkansas National Guard’s 188th Fighter Wing. The airport handles a wide variety of activity, including general aviation, commercial airlines, and frequent military operations.