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Hot Springs

Hot Springs-Memorial Field (HOT) is a city owned commercial service airport in west central Arkansas. Located 3 miles southwest of the city center, the airport occupies 844 acres. There are two runways located at the airport; Runway 5-23 is the primary runway, measuring 6,595 feet in length; and Runway 13-31 is the crosswind runway, measuring 4,099 feet in length. Each runway is served by a full length parallel taxiway. Runway 5 is served by an ILS precision approach, as well as by 3 non-precision approaches. Runways 23, 13, and 31 are not served by any instrument approach procedures. The airport provides commercial air service for the region, with scheduled flights to Harrison and Dallas-Ft. Worth. A fixed base operator (FBO) provides full aircraft services, including 100LL and Jet A fuel. The abundant facilities and services offered also serve a high volume of recreational general aviation activity.