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Jonesboro Municipal (JBR) is a city owned commercial service airport in northeast Arkansas. Located 3 miles east of the city center, the airport occupies 1,000 acres. There are two runways located at the airport;. Runway 5-23 is the primary runway, measuring 6,200 feet in length; and Runway 13-31 is the crosswind runway, measuring 4,000 feet in length. Runway 23 is served by an ILS precision instrument approach and 3 non-precison instrument approaches. Runways 5, 13, and 31 are not served by any instrument approach procedures. The airport provides scheduled commercial airline service to El Dorado and Dallas-Ft. Worth. A fixed base operator (FBO) provides aircraft services, including both 100LL and Jet A fuel. Airport operations have increased notably in recent years, due in part to development and investments in the local economy.