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Little Rock

Little Rock National-Adams Field (LIT) is a city owned commercial service airport in central Arkansas. Located 2 miles east of the city center, the airport occupies 2,000 acres. There are three runways located at the airport; Runway 4L-22R is the primary runway, measuring 8,273 feet in length; Runway 4R-22L is the secondary parallel runway, measuring 7,200 in length; and Runway 18-36 is the crosswind runway, measuring 5,124 feet in length. All 3 runways are served by a full length parallel taxiway. All 4 ends of the parallel runways are served by ILS precision instrument approaches -- all with approach lighting systems. Non-precision approaches are also available for all runways.

The airport has a full service fixed base operator (FBO), providing extensive aircraft services. Little Rock National is the busiest airport in the state, both in terms of commercial passenger enplanements and aircraft operations, with daily non-stop flights to 18 cities. The airport also accommodates many business and general aviation users, partly due to the airport’s proximity to downtown Little Rock.