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Arkansas Aviation Ambassador Program

Do you enjoy visiting Arkansas airports? Do you visit numerous Arkansas airports? Would you like to get a reward for visiting Arkansas airports? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are eligible to participate in the “Arkansas Aviation Ambassador” Program. This program will reward you for doing something you already enjoy doing - visiting airports!

To participate, simply set up an account with Jerry Chism ( at the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics - then go fly!

Each airport visit will be verified by emailing Jerry a picture of yourself at the airport. This photo must contain some recognizable element of the airport (terminal building, aviation business, geographic feature, etc.) to comply and can only be used for one level of the program. Once you have completed the requirements, simply send an email requesting your “reward”. You decide at which level you want to participate and you can change to a higher level at any time. The requirements will start over each time you reach the level you have enrolled in. When you have fulfilled the requirements, you get your reward. It’s that easy!

Pilots will be able to participate in the “Arkansas Aviation Ambassador” program at three different levels: Level 1 Ambassador, Level 2 Ambassador and Level 3 Ambassador.

Requirements and rewards will be as follows: